Partner | Tech Investor | Head of Engineering

Stas is a partner and tech investor who leads high-performing global engineering teams across software development, cloud infrastructure, and cybersecurity for multiple clients and joint venture partners.

As a co-founder and partner of Varyence and Get Startup Funding, Stas is passionate about empowering non-technical founders to build and scale products and startups.

With master's degree in computer science and over 13 years of experience leading European development teams for various clients and SaaS portfolio companies, Stas specializes in getting early-stage products to market, preparing products for scale, designing scalable and resilient solutions, and guiding them through the stages of product development or startup evolution from idea to scale.

His expertise spans product management and all stages of the software development lifecycle, with a strong emphasis on software engineering. He is highly passionate about building products and bringing new business lines to market.

Stas frequently engages in the creation of products from the ground up, often with minimal resources, honing his ability to adapt and take on multiple roles while adhering to Lean Startup principles.

Over his career, he has contributed at various stages of product development, working as a software and data engineer, addressing DevOps challenges, defining products visions and strategies, assisting with customer development and market validation, evaluating business and user needs, managing projects and products, leading technical and cross-functional teams, and supervising software engineers.

His diverse skill set allows him to maintain a high-level perspective on product development, effectively adjusting the course of development to ensure successful launches and post-launch growth.