Investor-winning pitch deck design

Communicate your startup vision with a professionally designed pitch deck that captivates investors and secures funding.

Investors spend an average of 3-4 minutes reviewing a pitch deck.

Make those minutes count with a clear, concise, and visually stunning investor presentation.


of pitch decks succeed in getting funds
of decks get a second look
of US startups win over angel investors.


Don’t make a common pitch deck design mistake:  

  • Avoid content overload – aim for around 10-12 slides, focusing on the most important information. 
  • Don’t let visuals distract from your message  
  • Maintain a cohesive brand identity throughout all slides
  • Clearly communicate the problem you solve and the value your solution offers
  • Use realistic and well-explained financial data 

Harvard Business Review reveals that successful founders spend around 18 hours on average perfecting their pitch.  


How we can help
with your pitch deck

  • Custom Pitch Deck Slide Design
    Get design that grabs investor attention and effectively communicates your vision.
  • Infographics & Data Visualization
    Making complex information easy to digest. Turning data into a visual story to showcase the opportunity and potential for success.
  • Content Strategy & Scriptwriting
    We can work with you to develop a compelling content strategy and script to ensure your message resonates with investors.
  • Branding & Identity Integration
    Integrate your brand identity seamlessly throughout the deck, creating a professional and unified presentation.
  • Investor Pitch Coaching
    Get coaching to refine your delivery and confidently present your pitch to investors. 

Our Pitch Deck Design Process

Discovery & Research Discovery & Research

We discuss your company’s goals, product/service, competitive advantage, and target audience to understand your unique pitch.

Content Development Content Development

Craft a compelling narrative that showcases your company’s story and value proposition. Develop clear, concise slides highlighting key metrics, milestones, and market opportunities tailored to your audience and investment stage. 

Moodboard Creation Moodboard Creation

Based on our initial discussions, we’ll curate a moodboard that captures the desired aesthetic for your pitch deck. This moodboard will include color palettes, fonts, imagery, and other design elements to set the visual tone.

Developing Concept Slides Developing Concept Slides

We’ll prototype key slides so you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback and iterate on these concepts.

Feedback & Refinement Feedback & Refinement

We’ll work closely with you to refine the design based on your feedback, ensuring clarity and impact.

Finalization & Delivery Finalization & Delivery

Finalize the pitch deck design and ensure it meets all technical requirements. Deliver your pitch deck in a user-friendly and shareable format.

Why choose Varyence for your Pitch Deck Design

Investor Expertise icon

Investor Expertise

Our team goes beyond mere aesthetics; having experience as investors ourselves, we understand precisely what to include in funding presentations and how to tailor your message for greater impact.
Vision-Centric Approach icon

Vision-Centric Approach

We take the time to understand your unique business, target audience, and funding goals. Your pitch deck will be a one-of-a-kind representation of your vision.
Fast Turnaround & Flexibility icon

Fast Turnaround & Flexibility

We deliver high-quality pitch decks efficiently, without sacrificing meticulous attention to detail. We're flexible and adapt to your timeline.
Data-Driven Design icon

Data-Driven Design

We leverage data and market insights to create compelling visuals and infographics that substantiate your claims and showcase your potential.
Confidentiality icon


Your ideas are safe with us. We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with every client to ensure your information is protected.

Our Design Portfolio

Design Case study

Healthcare Startup Pitch Deck Design Case Study

Designed an investor pitch deck presentation for a healthcare startup focused on empowering doctors and patients with the data they need to improve care.
Design Case study

Precision Medicine Healthcare Platform

Designed a user-friendly healthcare platform for US-based health-tech startup which was later acquired by a public company. Responsible for creative aspects of web, mobile, and marketing site. 
Design Case study

AI-Powered E-Commerce Analytics Platform

Designed a user-friendly SaaS analytics platform for managing e-commerce stores in Shopify & Amazon, automating profit tracking, reporting and creating descriptions.
Design Case study

Restaurant Recommendation Platform

Designed a user-friendly restaurant recommendation platform for finding venues in New York City.
Design Case study

Health Data Platform

Designed patient and doctor-friendly healthcare web and mobile apps incorporating views of healthcare data from wearable devices.
Design Case study

Startup Investor Website

Designed a user-friendly website that enables startup founders to explore & apply to funding programs.
Design Case study

Telehealth Platform

Designed a telehealth platform enabling scheduling, remote consultations, and viewing data from wearable devices.

Ready to tell your startup story via a pitch deck and secure funding?

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