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Use Varyence to scale globally

Scale your tech team globally in days, not months.

Varyence can handle hiring, payroll, benefits, retention, and compliance for new hires in Ukraine, Croatia, and the United States.

Hire locally, in country, using our EOR (Employer of Record) services

  • Trusted by businesses since 2012 
  • Hire without setting up an entity in each country 
  • Keep your IP secure
  • Stay compliant with local labor laws and regulations 

We will take care of recruiting, hiring, managing and ensuring all employer HR and local legal obligations are handled. You can focus on growing your business.

EOR Services Provided


We find the right talent for you based upon your position descriptions and budget.

Hiring and Onboarding

We take care of hiring and onboarding international employees for you.

Payroll and Taxes

We process your employees' payroll and taxes in accordance with local laws and regulations.


We ensure your company is compliant with all local employment laws and assist with HR or legal issues that may arise.

IP Protection

We help protect your intellectual property with NDAs, invention assignment agreements, and other required local legal contracts.


We handle translating contracts into local languages to ensure a compliant with local legal procedures.

Benefit & HR

We can provide competitive benefits packages tailored to the needs of your employees.


  • Focus on your core business
  • Get access to top talent
  • Peace of mind knowing it’s done correctly
  • Scale globally more easily
  • Provide competitive benefits
  • Transparent monthly pricing

Pricing for EOR (Employer of Record)

Globally hire employees quickly and hassle-free without setting up a local entity

  • Recruiting, hiring and onboarding
  • Support from HR and legal experts
  • Handling local payroll, taxes benefits and compliance
  • IP protection
  • In Croatia, Ukraine, or the United States

525 usd
per month, per employee

How do I get started?

Contact Varyence and share your position and hiring needs
Signup for an EOR (Employer of Record) plan for the countries you need
We'll take care of all recruiting, hiring, onboarding, payroll, taxes, and compliance needs.
You focus on growing your business

Available Locations

No current entity needed to get started 
No-fee initial consultation
View on the Kyiv Ukraine


  • One of top European destinations for Tech Talent 
  • Over 300,000 software engineers 
  • Affordable labor costs 
  • Cultural fit 
  • English speaking 
View on Croatian seacoast


  • Highly skilled workforce 
  • Member of the EU 
  • High proficiency in English 
  • Excellent value/cost ratio
View of Manhattan, New York

United States

  • A top location for tech talent
  • Over 1,300,000 software engineers 
  • Native English speakers

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