Data Analytics Services

Unlock the power of data to create new revenue streams, gain insights, drive better decisions, and achieve business goals.

63% of businesses say data analytics helped increase productivity. 57% said it helped increase decision-making effectiveness.

According to a survey by Business Wire

In today’s data-driven world, businesses have access to more information than ever before. But having data isn’t enough. People must be able to understand meaningful insights from the data and turn them into actionable strategies. This is where the importance of data analytics comes in.

Varyence’s Data Analytics Services Help You 

1. Uncover Hidden Insights

  • Enable analysis across disparate, siloed data
    Integrate data from various sources, including cloud applications, relational databases, and IoT devices, using Microsoft Fabric’s robust data connectors.
  • Explore and analyze data more intuitively
    Leverage Power BI’s intuitive visual interface to explore data, discover patterns, and identify trends. 
  • Gain deeper understanding with AI-powered insights
    Utilize AI capabilities within Power BI to detect anomalies, predict future outcomes, and generate actionable insights.

2. Drive Better Decision Making

  • Communicate insights effectively
    Craft compelling and interactive data visualizations to communicate insights to stakeholders at all levels. 
  • Monitor performance and track progress
    Track key metrics and performance indicators in real-time, allowing for proactive decision-making and adjustments. 
  • Empower your team with data-driven insights
    Make data accessible and actionable throughout your organization, enabling data-driven decision making across all departments.

3. Achieve Business Goals

  • Increase operational efficiency
    Identify areas for improvement and optimize processes based on data-driven insights. 
  • Reduce costs and save time
    Automate manual data analysis tasks and improve decision-making speed with readily available data. 
  • Boost revenue and profitability
    Identify new opportunities and maximize profitability by leveraging data-driven insights.

Data Analytics Services We Offer

Data strategy and consulting

Develop a roadmap for your business objectives, with the right tools and technology to meet your needs.

Data integration and management 

Reduce data silos, cleanse and unify data, and ensure quality data processing.

Data analysis and modeling with AI & ML

Extract meaningful insights, reveal hidden patterns, anticipate customer behaviors, and build predictive models.

Business intelligence (BI) and reporting

Translate complex data into clear, actionable dashboards and reports, empowering informed decision-making at all levels.

Data visualization

Tell a story with data, making it more memorable and impactful for stakeholders.

Key Data Analytics Tools We Use


Microsoft Fabric


Microsoft Power BI

PurposeData platform for connecting, managing, and acting on data. A key component of Fabric, business intelligence (BI) tool for data visualization and analysis
Audience Data analysts, IT professionals, business users Business users, data analysts 
Key Functionality Data access and integration, data modeling and transformation, automated insights, and machine learning Visual data exploration, report and dashboard creation, real-time insights, and collaboration 
Data Sources All types, including structured and unstructured data Primarily structured data 
Use Cases Suitable for organizations that need a holistic approach to data management and analysis. Ideal for organizations with large and complex data sets. Requires more technical expertise. Ideal for business users who want to explore their data and gain insights without needing extensive technical knowledge.
  • Combines existing and new components from Power BI, Azure Synapse, and Azure Data Factory into a single platform. 
  • Includes AI features for data exploration and insights generation.
  • Transform data from disparate sources into compelling visual stories. 
  • Empower users to create and share insights without relying on developer cycles.
  • Generate AI-powered insights from your data using AI models. 

Try out our live AI demos :


Watch a live video demonstration of how your organization can benefit from Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Power BI.

Why choose Varyence as your Data Analytics Partner?

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One of the top outsourcing companies in Ukraine. 
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We are an official Microsoft Partner
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Track record of successful customer engagements over the past 10 years
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Cost effective solution

Leverage for Machine Learning (ML) initiatives, utilize specialized enabling fast and scalable similarity search for applications such as recommendation systems and image recognition.
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Can assist from strategy to design to implementation
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Long-term partner

We value long-term relationships and can provide ongoing support and maintenance for your data analytics initiatives.


I was most impressed with Varyence’s excellent communication skills

Director of Sales & Marketing, Managed IT Service Company

Our new website is live, and I couldn’t be more excited.
Thanks to our partner Jason and his company Varyence for all the amazing help his developers provide.

Ryan, founder of SaaS company

The prototype is absolutely amazing, it was everything I had hoped it would be and then some. The team did an outstanding job in working together to get the exact vision that I was hoping for. I’m looking forward to the next part of this journey.

Gary, Founder & CEO of a FinTech lending platform

I have been impressed by the depth of technical knowledge, the speed with which they are able to staff great resources, and how quickly the project has moved forward.

Founder, E-Commerce Data Analytics Company

We started the project with a planning phase, after which Varyence created design concepts for the website. After we chose the design we liked best, Varyence developed the site from scratch using HubL. Varyence performed well in terms of project management. They were responsive and quick to implement our feedback.

Director of Sales & Marketing, Managed IT Service Company

I give lots of credit to Varyence. Despite the war in Ukraine, their office in Lviv has been more productive than most other vendors that we work with. Their spirit, grit, and resiliency are remarkable.

CEO at Cybersecurity Software Company

Their professionalism, communication, and reliability are the most impressive.

Director & CEO, EdTech Company

They take very seriously what it takes for us to be successful. They understand launching a startup is not easy and they provide guidance to help us navigate difficulties we run into as we figure out how to adjust based upon market feedback.

Executive, AI Health Startup

Jason and Varyence implemented an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tool that interfaced with our LIS (Laboratory Information System). They did a great job, got the work completed, and we were happy with their efforts. Their team was innovative, and we enjoyed working with them.

Christine, Technical Supervisor, US

Their deliverables high quality and speed distinguish them from other providers. In addition, their expertise in the identity area is outstanding.

CEO, Cybersecurity Software Company

The personal attention of top management was impressive.

Managing Partner, Legal Services Company

If you need a strong offshore tech partner, I recommend checking out Varyence. Jason and his team have a track record of not only helping with delivering complex tech projects, but also helping companies scale. Their Ukraine development center has some amazing tech talent.

James, Startup Advisor

I have seen firsthand how Jason and the Varyence team have executed on development projects for startups. Helping guide founders from an initial idea to helping build out an entire platform and tech strategy and executing on a founder’s vision. I would highly recommend Jason and his team for any SaaS startup founder looking for a good tech partner, technical cofounder, or development team.

Guillaume, Startup Advisor & Investor

I highly recommend Varyence for people who are looking for flexible software development solutions, because their team can provide a wide range of services at cost-competitive prices.

CEO & President, Ratings & Reviews Platform

Jason has been a friend and business colleague for over 25 years. One of the most important aspects in business for me is trust. Particularly in software development, where it is easy to take advantage. Jason has built an amazing business that is not just about software development, but about helping people meet their business goals. I highly recommend Jason and his company. He and his team have developed a unique business model for helping people develop amazing products.

Alex, Founder and Managing Partner of Investment company

Working with Varyence has been fantastic. Varyence is extremely professional, they know their craft very well. And they deliver exactly – as promised, which, you know, as a non-technical SaaS business owner gives me a good deal of comfort. I’ve had an excellent experience working with Varyence.

Charles, Founder of ecommerce SaaS company

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Unlock the potential of your data through the power of Data Analytics and AI.

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