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Varyence utilize industry best practices & leverages our global delivery capabilities to ensure successful business outcomes for our customers.


Software Engineering

Analysis Analysis

Before a single line of code is written, we want to understand

  • your business needs
  • what real problems are attempting to be solved
  • how this solution solves the problem
  • what outcomes you are seeking for your business

Strategy Strategy

determine the right feature set to achieve product-market fit and create an initial product
roadmap to achieve this

Prototyping Prototyping

Prototype solution using wireframes, designs, AND CLICKABLE PROTOTYPES in order to get feedback from internal stakeholders and prospective users

Development Iterations Development Iterations

Iterate small chunks of development and get feedback to adjust course, to avoid investing too much into product features your target market does not value

Testing & Quality Assurance Testing & Quality Assurance

quality assurance and testing to ensure product meets requirements for

  • business needs
  • scalability
  • resiliency
  • useability
  • security
  • compliance
  • industry best practices

Launch Launch

Launch first version into market as quickly as possible for market feedback and validation

Recurring Post-Launch Activities



Prioritize and address issues reported from external users & internal quality assurance testing


Prioritize enhancements based upon product roadmap and market feedback


Scale platform as user adoption and market share increases


Modify product, marketing, & customer acquisition strategies based upon key performance indicators (KPIs) and market feedback

Success Stories

Screenshot of an AI Productivity Tool

AI Business Productivity Tool

  • Enterprise Software
  • AI
  • Cloud
  • Custom Software Development
  • Cybersecurity
  • Web Development
Robotic process automation

Laboratory Automation Using RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

  • Healthcare
  • Automation
  • Cloud
  • Custom Software Development
  • Cybersecurity
  • RPA
  • Web Development
Image with graphycs

Remote Management and Maintenance of On-Prem Software Agents for SaaS Platform

  • Enterprise Software
  • Cloud
  • Custom Software Development
  • Cybersecurity
  • Web Development
Preview 7 for case study: SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance Certification 

SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance Certification

  • Enterprise Software
  • Cloud
  • Compliance
  • Cybersecurity
Preview 1 for case study: FinTech Business Expansion Research Software

FinTech Business Expansion Research Software

  • Financial Services
  • Cloud
  • Custom Software Development
  • SaaS Platform Development
  • Web Development

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Design Approach

User research and analysis User research and analysis

  • Talking to real people, industry experts and key stakeholders to understand their needs and experiences.
  • Analyzing data to see how people use similar products or services.
  • Identifing areas where users struggle or have pain points.

User journey mapping User journey mapping

  • Creating a visual map of how users interact with our product or service.
  • Documenting user personas. 
  • Identifing areas where users may get stuck or feel frustrated and enhanced the user experience within those problematic areas. 

Information Architecture and Content Information Architecture and Content

  • Organizing content to help users find what they need more easily.
  • Ensure content aligns with users’ needs and goals. 
  • Crafting the information architecture. 

Wireframing Wireframing

  • Creating basic designs to evaluate and enhance the user experience. 
  • Refining iterations based on user feedback. 

Brand style guide Brand style guide

  • Developing a visual style and design system that aligns with the brand & user experience.

High-fidelity design and clickable prototype High-fidelity design and clickable prototype

  • Developing interactive prototypes to enable users to interact with the design and provide feedback so we could refine it further.
  • Testing and validating the design with real users. 

Our Design Portfolio

Design Case study

Healthcare Startup Pitch Deck Design Case Study

Designed an investor pitch deck presentation for a healthcare startup focused on empowering doctors and patients with the data they need to improve care.
Design Case study

Precision Medicine Healthcare Platform

Designed a user-friendly healthcare platform for US-based health-tech startup which was later acquired by a public company. Responsible for creative aspects of web, mobile, and marketing site. 
Design Case study

AI-Powered E-Commerce Analytics Platform

Designed a user-friendly SaaS analytics platform for managing e-commerce stores in Shopify & Amazon, automating profit tracking, reporting and creating descriptions.
Design Case study

Restaurant Recommendation Platform

Designed a user-friendly restaurant recommendation platform for finding venues in New York City.
Design Case study

Health Data Platform

Designed patient and doctor-friendly healthcare web and mobile apps incorporating views of healthcare data from wearable devices.
Design Case study

Startup Investor Website

Designed a user-friendly website that enables startup founders to explore & apply to funding programs.
Design Case study

Telehealth Platform

Designed a telehealth platform enabling scheduling, remote consultations, and viewing data from wearable devices.

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