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Our high-performing Ukrainian development teams deliver excellence while staying under budget. 

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If you don't innovate fast, disrupt your industry, disrupt yourself, you'll be left behind.
John Chambers, former executive chairman and CEO of Cisco Systems
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Maintaining a competitive advantage requires AI innovation

Many companies fail to adapt to changing market conditions, leading to eroding market share. With recent advancements in AI, many legacy companies are struggling to compete.

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Finding and retaining top talent is difficult

Enterprise-level development requires great talent that competes against big tech with bigger teams and budgets. Expand your teams with experts in enterprise level applications.

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Leaders leverage strategic partnerships

The right tech collaboration can overcome these challenges. Leaders expand their teams with our enterprise experienced experts to gain competitive advantages that in-house teams can’t always provide.

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Our Enterprise Service Offerings

We help you grow and stay ahead of the competition

Digital transformation

Accelerate innovation to gain competitive advantages.

  • Process optimization and digitalization 
  • Custom enterprise app development 
  • Legacy application modernization 
  • Cloud migrations 
  • AI and Machine Learning implementation 
  • Workflow automation 

Data management and migration

Unlock the power of your data to enhance business decisions and drive new sources of revenue.

  • Data strategy 
  • Data Fabric 
  • DevOps automation 
  • Data pipeline development 
  • Business Intelligence dashboards 
  • Data analytics 

Security and compliance

Implement enterprise security & compliance to safeguard protect business and customer data. 

  • Managed services 
  • Cloud security 
  • Data security 
  • Threat detection and response 
  • Regulatory compliance preparation and assurance 
  • Security testing and automation 

Customer experience

Create intuitive, user-friendly interfaces and experiences to increase customers satisfactions.

  • UX/UI design 
  • Process automation 
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) 
  • Digital Marketing 

Business applications

Increase productivity, enhance collaboration, get data insights and improve operational efficiency

  • CRM (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Hub & HubSpot)
  • ERP (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central)
  • Custom Microsoft Power Apps
  • Power BI Dashboards

AI Enablement for the Enterprise Leader

  • AI Opportunity Assessments
    Identify opportunities to leverage AI for increased efficiency, cost reduction, and revenue growth within your organization.
  • Internal Enterprise AI Copilots & Chats
    Enable employees with customized enterprise AI chat that is safe and compliant.
  • Autonomous Agents
    Execute tasks independently at scale, enhancing business operations through pattern recognition and action sequencing.
  • External AI Chatbots or Copilots
    Engage customers, personalize experiences, and scale customer service and sales.
  • AI-Augmented Software Engineering
    Increase software development productivity, quality, and speed.
  • Vector Databases
    Enable fast and scalable similarity searches for applications like recommendation systems and image recognition.
  • LLMs (Large Language Models)
    Train on proprietary or public data sets, unlocking advanced capabilities in text analysis and content creation.
  • Multi-Modal GenAI
    Leverage diverse real-world data forms (text, images, audio) for more advanced AI prompt engineering.
  • LangOps (Enterprise Natural Language Operations)
    Embed natural language technologies within enterprise applications for enhancing productivity and scaling deployments.
  • Custom Machine Learning Algorithms
    Develop proprietary models to gain competitive advantages, increase efficiencies and drive new revenue channels.
  • AI TRiSM (Trust Risk and Security Management)
    Incorporate data protection, corporate ethics, and security strategies into AI solutions for compliance, risk, and reputation management.
  • Prompt Engineering Frameworks
    Increase productivity through proprietary AI prompts aligned with specific business needs.

Customer Success Stories

Discover how we bring our customers’ ideas to life and scale them into profitable businesses

Preview 1 for case study: Fintech SaaS Platform Development & Joint Venture 

Fintech SaaS Platform Development & Joint Venture

  • Financial Services
  • Cloud
  • Compliance
  • Custom Software Development
  • Cybersecurity
  • SaaS Platform Development
  • Web Development
Preview 1 for case study: SaaS Enterprise IT Remote Access Platform

SaaS Enterprise IT Remote Access Platform

  • Enterprise Software
  • Cloud
  • Compliance
  • Custom Software Development
  • Cybersecurity
  • Mobile Development
  • RPA
  • SaaS Platform Development
  • Web Development

Service Delivery Commitments

Enterprise projects require a more sophisticated approach
24/7 tech support
tracked deliverables & meeting minutes
security/compliance best practices

Key Industries We Serve

  • Banking & Finance
  • E-commerce
  • Healthcare
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Travel & Hospitability
  • Telecommunications
  • Consumer & Retail
  • Manufacturing

Get Started with
Enterprise AI
in 3 Ways

AI Assessment
  • Initial review of enterprise environment
  • AI use case identification
  • Basic Strategy Recommendations
  • Free consultation about plan
AI Enablement
  • Everything in “AI Assessment” PLUS
  • Implementation of initial AI tech
  • Full enablement strategy
  • Free consultation about plan
AI Scaling
Let’s talk
  • Everything in “AI Enablement” PLUS
  • Custom AI integration across enterprise environment
  • AI competitive landscape mapping
  • Ongoing AI innovation maintenance and support
  • Free consultation about plan

No hidden fees. NDA / confidentially friendly. Full intellectual property rights.  No ongoing licensing costs. No limiting tools (restrictive open-source licenses).

Get Scaling in 3 Steps:

Schedule Your INTRO Call Schedule Your INTRO Call

Connect with one of our tech team members to explore how a partnership could help your business and why our approach is unique.

Evaluate and execute on Scope of Work Evaluate and execute on Scope of Work

Let’s discuss initial areas of scope to help you achieve the best results for your business. We will agree on timelines and deliverables aligned to your business goals. Then we will implement and monitor them.

Achieve growth AND innovatiON Achieve growth AND innovatiON

Receive enterprise-grade software that adapts to market demand and scales ahead of the competition to help you lead your market.

Why Varyence?

We are a global company of 100+ employees providing enterprise technical services across areas such as design, development, AI, cybersecurity, and compliance.   

Our leadership team has experience delivering enterprise projects at scale for public companies such as General Electric, Standard & Poor’s, Allstate Insurance, Valvoline, CNA Insurance, McKesson, LivePerson, and more.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is enterprise software development?

Enterprise software development is the process of creating software solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business. These solutions are designed to address the complex, scalable, and integrated requirements of mid to large size companies, helping them streamline processes, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive edge.

How do you ensure the security of enterprise software?

Security is a top priority for every stage of the project. When building enterprise applications, our developers follow best security practices such as implementing secure coding standards, conducting regular security audits & penetration tests, using encryption for data transmission and storage, and adhering to compliance standards relevant to your industry.

How do you ensure platforms scale?

Scalability is a fundamental aspect of enterprise application development. We design enterprise applications to be flexible enough to accommodate the growth of your business, whether that means more users, more data, or more complex workflows. We utilize internal Solution Architects to craft scalable foundations for each platform. We utilize performance and load testing to help ensure high quality at scale.

Will you be around when we need you?

We have been in business since 2012. We prefer to build long-term relationships with customers. We provide options for 24x7x365 support.

How much will this cost to develop enterprise software?

The cost of development enterprise software solution can vary widely based on factors such as feature complexity, project duration, technology stack, and the expertise of the development team. Let’s schedule an initial consultation to discuss your project requirements.


The personal attention of top management was impressive.

Managing Partner, Legal Services Company

Jason and Varyence implemented an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tool that interfaced with our LIS (Laboratory Information System). They did a great job, got the work completed, and we were happy with their efforts. Their team was innovative, and we enjoyed working with them.

Christine, Technical Supervisor, US

They take very seriously what it takes for us to be successful. They understand launching a startup is not easy and they provide guidance to help us navigate difficulties we run into as we figure out how to adjust based upon market feedback.

Executive, AI Health Startup

I was most impressed with Varyence’s excellent communication skills

Director of Sales & Marketing, Managed IT Service Company

I highly recommend Varyence for people who are looking for flexible software development solutions, because their team can provide a wide range of services at cost-competitive prices.

CEO & President, Ratings & Reviews Platform

Their professionalism, communication, and reliability are the most impressive.

Director & CEO, EdTech Company

We started the project with a planning phase, after which Varyence created design concepts for the website. After we chose the design we liked best, Varyence developed the site from scratch using HubL. Varyence performed well in terms of project management. They were responsive and quick to implement our feedback.

Director of Sales & Marketing, Managed IT Service Company

I have been impressed by the depth of technical knowledge, the speed with which they are able to staff great resources, and how quickly the project has moved forward.

Founder, E-Commerce Data Analytics Company

Our new website is live, and I couldn’t be more excited.
Thanks to our partner Jason and his company Varyence for all the amazing help his developers provide.

Ryan, founder of SaaS company

Their deliverables high quality and speed distinguish them from other providers. In addition, their expertise in the identity area is outstanding.

CEO, Cybersecurity Software Company

I give lots of credit to Varyence. Despite the war in Ukraine, their office in Lviv has been more productive than most other vendors that we work with. Their spirit, grit, and resiliency are remarkable.

CEO at Cybersecurity Software Company

If you need a strong offshore tech partner, I recommend checking out Varyence. Jason and his team have a track record of not only helping with delivering complex tech projects, but also helping companies scale. Their Ukraine development center has some amazing tech talent.

James, Startup Advisor

Jason has been a friend and business colleague for over 25 years. One of the most important aspects in business for me is trust. Particularly in software development, where it is easy to take advantage. Jason has built an amazing business that is not just about software development, but about helping people meet their business goals. I highly recommend Jason and his company. He and his team have developed a unique business model for helping people develop amazing products.

Alex, Founder and Managing Partner of Investment company

I have seen firsthand how Jason and the Varyence team have executed on development projects for startups. Helping guide founders from an initial idea to helping build out an entire platform and tech strategy and executing on a founder’s vision. I would highly recommend Jason and his team for any SaaS startup founder looking for a good tech partner, technical cofounder, or development team.

Guillaume, Startup Advisor & Investor

The prototype is absolutely amazing, it was everything I had hoped it would be and then some. The team did an outstanding job in working together to get the exact vision that I was hoping for. I’m looking forward to the next part of this journey.

Gary, Founder & CEO of a FinTech lending platform

Working with Varyence has been fantastic. Varyence is extremely professional, they know their craft very well. And they deliver exactly – as promised, which, you know, as a non-technical SaaS business owner gives me a good deal of comfort. I’ve had an excellent experience working with Varyence.

Charles, Founder of ecommerce SaaS company

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