Design Case study

Telehealth Platform

Designed a telehealth platform enabling scheduling, remote consultations, and viewing data from wearable devices.



One of our clients, for whom we created an Integrated Health Data Dashboard, required an application that makes it easy for patients to book appointments, get remote consultations, and monitor their health data.

We designed a platform enabling integrated health data from wearable devices to be displayed in the platform, providing internal staff and patients with views and insights into the data.

Customer Challenge

  • Provide user-friendly and intuitive design for both internal staff and patients.
  • Show all patient data in one place to help with diagnoses and suggestions.
  • Be able to monitor patient data from start to finish.
  • Enable appointment scheduling, activity monitoring, and health indicator-based alert triggers.
  • Be able to utilize patient longitudinal records to identify health trends.

Design Journey

Below is the design journey we took on this project to design a Healthcare platform. Note: sample data shown.

Depending on the size and budget, we would perform these similar steps on most design engagements.

User research and analysis

  • Talked to real patients and doctors to understand their needs and experiences.
  • Analyzed data to see how people use similar products or services.
  • Identified areas where users struggle or have pain points.

User journey mapping

  • Created a visual map illustrating user interactions with our product or service.
  • Pinpointed potential trouble spots where users might encounter obstacles or experience frustration.
  • Enhanced the user experience within those problematic areas.
User journey mapping 1

Information Architecture and Content

  • Organized content to help users find what they need easily.
  • Ensured content aligns with users’ needs and goals.
  • Crafted the information architecture.
Information Architecture and Content 1


  • Created simple designs to test and improve the user experience. 
  • Iterated versions based upon feedback from users.
wireframing 1

Brand style guide

Developed a visual style and design system that aligns with the brand & user experience.

Brand style guide 1

high-fidelity design and clickable Prototype

  • Developed interactive prototypes to see how users interact with the design.
  • Tested and validated the design with real users.
high-fidelity design and clickable Prototype 1


Book appointments with doctors, filtering results by distance, type, and focus.

Results 0 Results 1 Results 2 Results 3 Results 4

Get information about the doctor, including their location, working hours, general information, compliance status, and reviews from other patients.

Results 0 Results 1 Results 2 Results 3 Results 4

Chat with a doctor before the appointment or receive some recommendations from your doctor.

Results 0 Results 1 Results 2

Patients gain the ability to see all information about appointments, consultation overview, medical recommendations, results of checkups, analysis, X-rays, and prescriptions.

Results 7

Use telemedicine for remote consultations.

Results 0 Results 1 Results 2

View all wearable device data in one location: pulse, temperature deviations, average sleeping time, burned calories, steps, and much more.

Receive personal health recommendations based on current health situation, activity, and treatment plans.

Results 0 Results 1 Results 2 Results 3 Results 4

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