Design Case study

Restaurant Recommendation Platform

Designed a user-friendly restaurant recommendation platform for finding venues in New York City.



One of our clients request our help to design a mobile app allowing customers to get recommendations on venues in New York City based upon their individual preferences.

This app empowers users to explore new cuisines, track deals and discounts, discover happy hour spots, and find new venues they might enjoy.

Varyence designed (and developed) a restaurant recommendation platform as well as the public marketing website.

The Varyence team also assisted in all branding activities, including marketing collateral for venues & social media activities.

Customer Challenge

  • Create an intuitive and user-friendly design. 
  • Help users make informed decisions, based on ratings and reviews from food enthusiasts. 
  • Enable users to make reservations at their preferred dining establishments. 
  • Get users access to exclusive food and drink deals available in New York City.
  • Implement custom AI algorithm for suggesting venues tailored to users’ location, cuisine preferences, and current needs. 
  • Foster a trusted community of food enthusiasts who share their experiences and recommend excellent venues. 

Design Journey

Here’s an insight into the UX design journey of this project.

Depending on the size and budget, we would perform these similar steps on most design engagements.

User research and analysis

  • Talked to real food enthusiasts, gourmets, food bloggers, restaurant owners and key stakeholders to understand their needs and experiences. 
  • Analyzed data to see how people use similar platforms or apps. 
  • Identified areas where users struggle or have pain points. 

User journey mapping

  • Created a visual map illustrating user interactions with our restaurant app. 
  • Documented user personas. 
  • Identified areas where users may get stuck or feel frustrated and enhanced the user experience within those problematic areas. 
User journey mapping 1

Information Architecture and Content

  • Organized content to help users find information they need easily. 
  • Ensure content aligns with users’ needs and goals. 
  • Crafted the information architecture.
Information Architecture and Content 1


  • Create simple designs to test and improve the user experience. 
  • Iterated versions based upon feedback from users. 
wireframing 1

Brand style guide

  • Developed a visual style and design system that aligns with the brand & user experience.  
Brand style guide 1

high-fidelity design and clickable Prototype

  • Developed interactive prototypes to see how users interact with the design.  
  • Test and validate the design with real users. 
high-fidelity design and clickable Prototype 1


Receive personalized recommendations & access promotions from within the Mobile App, based on your location and personal preferences.

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Monitor special deals and happy hours near your location or anywhere in NYC.

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After meal, leave review and share your experience with others. 

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On the public marketing website, there is an opportunity to find venues in New York, check for top deals, explore the latest events, and read recent blog articles.

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