Design Case study

Healthcare Startup Pitch Deck Design Case Study

Designed an investor pitch deck presentation for a healthcare startup focused on empowering doctors and patients with the data they need to improve care.



One of our clients planned to develop a healthcare platform that integrates wearable device data into a web interface, providing internal staff and patients with views and insights into the data.  

During the fundraising process, we designed a pitch deck presentation they could use for presenting to potential investors and partners.  

This professionally-designed pitch deck helped them clearly communicate the startup’s value proposition and market potential to potential investors. 

After completing the pitch deck design, we then helped with the full design and development of the heath data platform. 

Customer Challenge

  • Turn our existing content into a professionally-designed presentation that clearly communicates our company’s value proposition to potential investors and partners.
  • Improve the organization and presentation of the content so that the audience is not overwhelmed and confused by the content.
  • Leverage more visual representations of the information to reduce the content required on each slide.

Design Journey

Below is the design journey we took on this project to create a startup pitch deck.

User research and analysis

  • Spoke with patients and doctors to understand their needs, priorities, and expectations.
  • Tested preferred information formats that are most effective.

Information Architecture and Content

  • Organized a content for storytelling with a captivating hook.
  • Ensure content aligns with investor, clients and partners expectations.  
  • Finalized storyboard for presentation.


  • Created simple designs for a few slides to test and gather input. 
  • Iterated versions based upon feedback from potential investors. 
wireframing 1

Brand style guide

Developed a visual style and design system that aligns with the brand and could be used across presentations, marketing communications, and the platform.

Brand style guide 1

High-fidelity design

  • Developed the final design of pitch deck to gather internal feedback.
  • Tested and validated the design with real investors/partners and refined based on their input.


As we design startup investor presentations, below are key slides we recommend using. For more detailed guidance on composition of a pitch deck, we recommend you check out this article.

We recommend including the following
key slides in Startup Pitch Deck presentations

  1. Cover
  2. Problem
  3. Solution
  4. Traction
  5. Competitive Analysis
  6. Team
  7. Use of Funds 
  8. Market Potential
  9. Market Validation
  10. Target Market
  11. Revenue Model
  12. Contact Info 


Below are examples of some of the slides of the investor presentation we produced for this customer. Some of the information has been changed and redacted for purposes of publishing this publicly.

Results 1
Results 2
Results 3
Results 4
Results 5

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