Protecting business and customer data is a top priority for every business.

As companies navigate the technical complexities of compliance initiatives such as SOC 2 Type 2, HIPAA, GDRP, CCPA, or ISO, it’s important to have a technical partner you can count on to help

  1. Prepare for audits
  2. Respond to auditor requests
  3. Respond to security incidents
  4. Maintain compliance and prepare for upcoming audits
  5. Secure environments

You are not alone. Our compliance specialists, DevOps teams, and development teams are here to support you in all those areas.

We can help you prepare for compliance audits and help remediate technical gaps throughout the audit process. We can implement compliance automation software to significantly reduce your company’s preparation time prior to the audit, and the effort required to respond to auditor evidence during the audit.

Our team can also assist with regular penetration tests and external vulnerability scanning to provide evidence of any issues that need to be remediated.

Prepare for audits

As you prepare for the audit, we provide the project management, leadership, technical know-how, cybersecurity, and compliance expertise to facilitate successful preparations.

Depending on the size of your Company’s environment, preparations generally take 1-3 months of effort.

One of the areas we can help is implementing compliance automation to:

  1. reduce preparation time
  2. provide ongoing end to end visibility through the business environment and to the auditing team
  3. reduce ongoing costs of maintaining levels of compliance

Respond to Auditor Requests

Responding to auditor requests requires not only:

  1. proper organization of information for easy retrieval
  2. understanding technically what is being requested
  3. and having the necessary resources to execute the requests

…but also understanding when there are gaps that need to be prioritized and remediated.

Respond to Security Incidents

Before a security incident occurs, there needs to be a plan on how to respond and resources available to respond.

We help develop security incident plans which makes sense for how your business and technology environment is configured.

We provide cybersecurity resources to respond to incidents. Whether it’s closing a security gap to prevent it from occurring again or performing digital forensics to understand the gap that enabled the security incident.

Maintain compliance and prepare for upcoming audits

Getting your organization setup for your initial audit can be quite involved for every area of your business. Ensuring the organization continues to operate in a secure way, aligned with all organizational controls is important to minimize the effort required for your next audit.

We provide ongoing technical reviews of your infrastructure and applications to ensure they are being implemented and configured securely. We also help perform vendor security risk assessments to help you evaluate new vendors.

Securing Environments

Securing business and customer data to remain compliant requires not only securing applications and databases but also mobile devices. As an increasing percentage of the workforce is working remote, this requires different approaches to security. We help protect company and customer data from being copied outside of company applications, ensure unmanaged or unauthorized devices cannot download company or customer data, and ensure users only have access to the data and resources they need to perform their job function.

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