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Remote Management and Maintenance of On-Prem Software Agents for SaaS Platform

Enabled customer to manage and maintain software updates to on-premise connected components deployed to thousands of client domains

Remote Management and Maintenance of On-Prem Software Agents for SaaS Platform
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The story

A key component of customer’s SaaS Enterprise IT Remote Access Platform is a connected agent placed into the on-premise environment of the end customer.

They needed to be able to provide lifecycle management of these on-premise components to manage versions, upgrades, troubleshooting, and more.

Varyence architected, built and deployed a solution to addresses lifecycle management challenges customer faced for those on-premise agents.

The new solution provided customer with an ability to provide remote and automated lifecycle management.

Our efforts enabled the client to scale the product globally while also lowering technical support efforts maintaining those on-premise connected agents, by over 95%.

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Project overview

Varyence architected and developed a solution to enable full lifecycle management of on-premise connected agent for their SaaS Enterprise IT platform. Reducing manual technical support labor of those agents by over 95%.

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Project Length
2020 - ongoing

Client challenge

  • Enable us to scale globally while also reducing technical support labor for managing the lifecycle of connected on-premise components of our SaaS platform
  • Need to support software that has been deployed to now thousands of clients domains in way that doesn’t require manual interaction with the end customers 
  • Maintain high level availability and resiliency of the software, taking into account connectivity disruptions, local environment disruptions, incompatible operating systems, and custom local environment settings which could all impact operations of the on-premise agents
  • Any lifecycle management operations should incur minimal to no downtime to local production environment and should be carried out in milli-seconds
  • Incorporate scheduling abilities 
  • Enable ability to push hotfix and updates when requested  
  • Provide a centralized administration dashboard

Our approach

We utilize industry best practices & leverage our global delivery capabilities to ensure successful business outcomes for our customers.

Solution delivered

Varyence provided all aspects of technical services: executive technology leadership, requirements analysis, software architecting, software development, quality assurance, cloud infrastructure architecting and hosting automated regression testing, and project management. 

Varyence’s solution empowered the customer to efficiently manage their software through a user-friendly dashboard, enabling them to handle tasks such as updates, fixes, and any lifecycle management activities effortlessly.

  • Developed and deployed a remote management software specifically designed for the customer’s on-premise software. This solution not only facilitated global software releases but also simplified the lifecycle maintenance processes for individual clients.
  • Provided a browser-based administration dashboard that allowed the customer to perform all necessary tasks with ease. 

Technical components

Solution impact

reduction of the need for direct human-to-human support for maintenance and updates requests
reduction in required tech support involvement
  • Lowered number of support cases around maintenance and updates of on-prem specialized software by over 90% 
  • Streamlined operations, ensuring smooth global releases and personalized maintenance experiences for each client. 

Why Varyence?

Varyence can help you drive growth, transform your business, and reduce risk.

You have many choices of who to trust with your budget, business reputation and business objectives and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Since we take this responsibility very seriously, we are selective regarding new clients with whom we engage. This helps us maintain high quality work for our customers.

As a trusted business technology partner for over 10 years to customers worldwide, below are some of the reasons they chose to place that trust in us

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