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The story

Our client, a non-technical startup founder had many years of experience in financial services, and specifically the Credit Union space.

The founder had identified several opportunities to help Credit Unions, including:

  • Streamlining members’ acquisition processes 
  • Expanding their market presence and obtaining regulatory approval 
  • Improving business intelligence capabilities related to analysis and benchmarking key performance metrics 
  • Identifying technology stacks and vendors to support their critical operations 

While our customer had great domain expertise in the industry, they needed technical expertise and technical leadership to deliver SaaS software solutions to the market.

Varyence partnered with this customer in a Joint Venture model, providing technical leadership, development, and funding.

We led aspects of software design, development, hosting, deployment, as well as covered cybersecurity, project management, business and requirement analysis, and QA.

During an 8-year period, Varyence successfully developed and delivered multiple SaaS platforms that targeted specific opportunities identified by the customer and helped the customer scale them in those markets.

This effort required tens of thousands of hours, millions of lines of code, 60+ software components, and infrastructure consisting of 400+ cloud components.

As a result of our joint venture, the customer’s business experienced significant growth, expanding from 3 to 60 employees, acquiring many financial services customers, and gaining recognition as a disruptive company and thought leader in their industry segment.

Additionally, Varyence created opportunities for the customer to monetize derivative products to increase revenue and market share. 

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Project overview

Varyence developed a suite of SaaS platforms for a Fintech SaaS customer, enabling the customer to build a successful SaaS business model. They targeted and sold to a range of financial Institutions across the United States, leading to a profitable business and high level of industry recognition.

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Client challenge

  • Help us monetize these opportunities into SaaS applications so we can help Credit Unions: operate more efficiently, grow, and get the best value for their budget 
  • Lead all technology efforts so we can focus on product market fit and scaling the business 
  • Enable us to incorporate a consulting component into the product to help enhance the experience and save the customers money 
  • Ensure all technology built will scale to meet our needs as we grow 

Our approach

We utilize industry best practices & leverage our global delivery capabilities to ensure successful business outcomes for our customers.

Solution delivered

Developed multiple independent SaaS product lines allowing their financial institution customers to solve a range of problems related to: 

  • New member acquisition
  • Critical business technology stack selection
  • Market expansion options
  • Key performance metrics
  • Governmental grant application automation

Technical components

Varyence provided and led all aspects of technical services: 

  • Executive technology leadership
  • Requirements analysis
  • Software architecting
  • Software development
  • Quality assurance
  • Cloud infrastructure architecting and hosting
  • Security penetration testing
  • Security vulnerability scanning
  • Project management
  • UI/UX design
  • Compliance automation
  • SOC 2 Type 2 compliance consulting
  • Fractional CIO services
  • Fractional CISO
  • Head of Engineering

Solution impact

financial institutions use SaaS platform
financial institution customers impacted
  • Adopted by over 70 Credit Unions representing over $30 billion in assets and 2.5 million members  
  • Successfully got multiple SaaS platforms to market, acquired customers and achieve profitability 
  • Received industry recognition 

Why Varyence?

Varyence can help you drive growth, transform your business, and reduce risk.

You have many choices of who to trust with your budget, business reputation and business objectives and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Since we take this responsibility very seriously, we are selective regarding new clients with whom we engage. This helps us maintain high quality work for our customers.

As a trusted business technology partner for over 10 years to customers worldwide, below are some of the reasons they chose to place that trust in us

Excellent ratings from clients
Passionate problem solvers
Global delivery capabilities
Best practice approach
Consistent results
Business savvy
Industry expertise
Technical know-how
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