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The story

Our customer faced a need from his clients to be able to effectively and quickly research possible US-based organizations who could become a member of their Credit Union.

Additionally, an important aspect was to streamline the process of creating applications for those new members and submitting the application to federal regulators. The process of creating applications and submitting them is quite manually labor intensive, requiring many details and formal documents to be compiled.  

Varyence architected, built and shipped a solution that met the customer’s needs. A database of more than 20 million organizations, including everything from schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, banks and any type of corporate business within the United States. A user interface was built for Credit Unions to research and filter this data as well as visualize it on a map. 

Varyence also developed a suite of tools and automation processes enabling Credit Union to efficiently prepare and submit all required data to the federal regulator in the correct format.  

This solution saved a substantial amount of manual effort for Credit Unions, enabling them to increase market share and reduce manual labor costs.

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Project overview

Varyence developed a set of tools to assist Credit Unions in discovering opportunities for business growth. These tools involve researching active businesses registered in the United States and identifying suitable areas for expansion that can be presented for government approval.

This suite of tools also helps Credit Unions with the submission process to the state or federal regulator. 

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Client challenge

  • Collect data, enrich and build a data warehouse of all below data types within the United States:
    • schools,
    • healthcare institutions,
    • universities,
    • police departments,
    • firefighters’ departments,
    • postal services departments,
    • banks,
    • unions
    • any other businesses
  • Provide an interface for Credit Unions to easily query and find businesses and organizations of different types and by different parameters, that could benefit from joining their Credit Unions
  • Enable Credit Unions to plot, on an interactive map, organizations they research along with their Credit Union branches and ATMs, to ensure employees of the organizations they are researching would benefit from using the Credit Unions’ services
  • Created a suite of tools, as well as automated processes, that prepare form submission data in the correct format as well as assist with submitting it to regulators for approval

Our approach

We utilize industry best practices & leverage our global delivery capabilities to ensure successful business outcomes for our customers.

Solution delivered

  • Datawarehouse of all schools, healthcare institutions, universities, police departments, firefighters’ departments, postal services departments, banks, unions, and 25 million other businesses within the United States 
  • Web application interface with interactive mapping 
  • Interface, automated processes, and a suite of other tools to assist Credit Unions in the preparation and submission of new business members to regulators 

Technical components

Varyence provided all aspects of technical services: executive technology leadership, business and requirements analysis, software architecting, software development, quality assurance, cloud infrastructure architecting and hosting, DevOps, project management, UI/UX and design.  

Solution impact

new customers acquired
hours of research and manual labor saved

Why Varyence?

Varyence can help you drive growth, transform your business, and reduce risk.

You have many choices of who to trust with your budget, business reputation and business objectives and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Since we take this responsibility very seriously, we are selective regarding new clients with whom we engage. This helps us maintain high quality work for our customers.

As a trusted business technology partner for over 10 years to customers worldwide, below are some of the reasons they chose to place that trust in us

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