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The story

Our customer had a SaaS enterprise remote access platform, however, their end users were asking to be able to utilize it from additional platforms. Potential sales were being blocked by not having this functionality.

The end users needed cross-platform applications to interface remotely with their on-premises environments. They needed software that could be easily and quickly installed on Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, in addition to the existing browser-based capabilities.

Varyence developed these applications so that the customer could provide a more robust platform to their customers and increase sales and user adoption.

Since the first version of these platform applications were released, tens of thousands of new end users have adopted the platform, many of them using it every day for several hours per day to perform their daily tasks.

Varyence continues to enhance, support and maintain the platform, releasing regular updates to enhance the platform based upon customer feedback and growth.

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Project overview

Varyence extended customer’s product across all major platforms and increased user engagement and customer acquisition.

Environments included: Windows Desktop, Mac OS X Desktop, Android Mobile, and IOS Mobile devices.

End users were provided a consistent user experience across all device platforms.

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Project Length
2017 - ongoing

Client challenge

  • Due to significant demand and traction in the marketplace, our customers need the ability to connect to remote machines and remote applications from any major device platform they prefer
  • Connectors must be compatible with Windows Desktop, Mac OS X Desktop, Android Mobile, iOS Mobile, and Chromebooks
  • The end user’s installation experience must be very easy and less than two steps
  • Must ensure a high-level of security
  • Features must be in parity across all platforms
  • Must be as resilient as possible for different operating system versions
  • Must be easy to troubleshoot
  • Must be highly stable
  • Deployment must be highly scalable
  • Deployment must have self-upgrade capabilities as new versions are released
  • Deployment must be easy for users to perform without administrative assistance
  • Installations must be geographically aware for users in order to reduce latency globally
  • Must align to SOC 2 Type 2 compliance needs

Our approach

We utilize industry best practices & leverage our global delivery capabilities to ensure successful business outcomes for our customers.

Solution delivered

Varyence developed:

  • A set of native applications that run on
    • Windows Desktops
    • Mac OS X Desktops
    • IOS Mobile
    • Android Mobile (including Chromebooks)
  • Provided end-users with an excellent and improved UI/UX experience that allows them to enjoy the same experience across all device platforms they use

Technical components

Varyence provided all aspects of technical services: executive technology leadership, requirements analysis, solution architecting, software development, manual QA (quality assurance), automated QA, cloud infrastructure architecting and hosting, project management, UI/UX design, penetration testing, security testing

Solution impact

improvement in customer satisfaction
reduction in support tickets
  • Nоw users could use persistent applications on their device platform of choice
  • Enabled our customer to satisfy the needs of their customers that rely on different platforms for their day-to-day work
  • Enabled customer’s sales team to land major accounts with thousands of users

Why Varyence?

Varyence can help you drive growth, transform your business, and reduce risk.

You have many choices of who to trust with your budget, business reputation and business objectives and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Since we take this responsibility very seriously, we are selective regarding new clients with whom we engage. This helps us maintain high quality work for our customers.

As a trusted business technology partner for over 10 years to customers worldwide, below are some of the reasons they chose to place that trust in us

Excellent ratings from clients
Passionate problem solvers
Global delivery capabilities
Best practice approach
Consistent results
Business savvy
Industry expertise
Technical know-how
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