Even though we passed security audits w our clients and internal checks and procedures we had no idea of the many holes we had!

Varyence’s DevOps team and security engineers made us look like toddlers. And of course, this is a exactly what I wanted to happen to ensure security of our client’s data and infrastructure.

Not only did they help us on these aspects, but they plugged the holes. And on top of this – their development team is helping us on various aspects and hands down are so freaking amazing!!! 

Mario, Founder & CEO of a VC-backed AI productivity company in California
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The story

One of our portfolio companies, a VC-backed SaaS company based in California, built a tool to help boost productivity and automate repetitive tasks for users.

They wanted to empower people to focus on what matters most, by using AI to handle the rest. 

They needed a team to scale up with and fill in technical gaps.

Varyence provided an investment from our own private equity fund (Get Startup Funding) of cash and services to help them scale their business.

Investing cash, CTO technical leadership, development, UX design, DevOps, and Cybersecurity services. Our involvement helped them scale their platform, improve performance, close larger subscription licensing deals, and target the enterprise market.

While helping this partner, they hit a major milestone of over 1 billion characters automated for their users.

We enabled them to scale their platform from 40 million characters typed per month to 60-70 million characters typed per month.

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Project overview

Varyence invested cash and services to help this portfolio company scale their AI automation platform.

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Customer Location
California, USA
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Lviv, Ukraine
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Project Length

Client challenge

  • Enable our platform to scale to support enterprise clients
  • Find security vulnerabilities we need to remediate
  • Optimize the performance of our platform
  • Improve the User Experience to reduce friction, increase conversions, and improve user engagement.
  • Improve uptime and resiliency

Our approach

We utilize industry best practices & leverage our global delivery capabilities to ensure successful business outcomes for our customers.

Solution delivered

Varyence provided CTO technical leadership, development, UX design, DevOps, SEO, and Cybersecurity services to help them scale their AI productivity platform for enterprise customers.  

Varyence conducted a cloud infrastructure security audit and penetration test of their platform, identifying and prioritizing any issues that require remediation.

We also provided a full UX assessment, providing suggestions on how to reduce friction for the user and how to accommodate the user interface for enterprise clients.

Technical components

Varyence provided all aspects of technical services: executive technology & CTO leadership, software architecting, software development, quality assurance, cloud infrastructure architecting, DevOps, cybersecurity, penetration testing, SEO digital marketing and project management.

Solution impact

characters automated as of March 2024
clicks form increased organic traffic and referrals.
  • 84% year-over-year growth 
  • Sold enterprise license to the country’s largest independent insurance broker. 

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Varyence can help you drive growth, transform your business, and reduce risk.

You have many choices of who to trust with your budget, business reputation and business objectives and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Since we take this responsibility very seriously, we are selective regarding new clients with whom we engage. This helps us maintain high quality work for our customers.

As a trusted business technology partner for over 10 years to customers worldwide, below are some of the reasons they chose to place that trust in us

Excellent ratings from clients
Passionate problem solvers
Global delivery capabilities
Best practice approach
Consistent results
Business savvy
Industry expertise
Technical know-how
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