Top 5 reasons startups fail

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Only 80% of startups survive after the first year.* Become a successful startup CEO and avoid being a statistic

*Survival of private sector establishments by opening year from Bureau of Labor Statistics

Top reasons we have seen tech startups fail

  1. 1. Wrong market focus

    Lack of research and customer development combined with the mindset of building it and then customers will signup leads many startups to fail due to lack of product-market-fit. We can help you before a single line of code is written. We help SaaS founders and entrepreneurs identify real problems and focus on developing the right feature set to achieve product-market fit and begin generating revenue quickly.

  2. 2. Partner issues

    Partner infighting, poor communication, and inexperience running and scaling a business lead to many partner issues. Even the best intentions can lead to awful outcomes. Rather than focusing on building and growing a profitable business, partners end up spending time on infighting. The good news is most of these situations can be avoided with the right business strategy, communication, and documentation. We have the experience and know-how to help you navigate these situations. Let’s focus on building a successful product and business

  3. 3. Poor marketing

    Poor marketing can doom the best product. Even with a good product market fit, if no one knows about your product, you won’t be able to acquire customers, gain traction, and generate revenue. We can help assist you on a marketing strategy to acquire customers and start generating revenue

  4. 4. Developer problems

    Let’s face it, many developers and dev shops will take your money without delivering any results. We have seen startups spend 100’s of thousands with developers and are left with no results to show – the developers got paid and don’t care about your business situation. We can help you avoid getting into this type of situation. We can share this business risk and align interests so that if you don’t succeed, then neither do we

  5. 5. Out of money

    Getting a product to market is expensive. Having enough runway to fund the startup is critical to success. Development is not the only cost, you have to consider many other costs such as marketing, sales, tools, cloud infrastructure, salaries, etc. We can partner with you to offset these costs. We have many tools in our toolbox from our experience over the last 10 years. We are not only technical partners – we are also investors, having invested and raised millions in funding for startups we work with

Let’s discuss how to avoid startup failure

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