How I used ChatGPT to create a new SaaS startup idea

ChatGPT has enabled non-technical startup founders to leverage the power of
AI (Artificial Intelligence) from any computer.  

This article is focused on how to leverage ChatGPT for ideation on launching a new SaaS startup.  

Join me as I show you how I used it to generate a new SaaS startup idea. You can leverage what I learned to do the same!

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind this is only a tool and not all the information ChatGPT provides will be 100% accurate. It can help you, but it should not be solely relied upon. 

Find a new SaaS business idea with ChatGPT

Let’s first come up with some new SaaS business ideas. Below is the ChatGPT Prompt I used.

You can copy and paste this directly into ChatGPT:

“Provide a few new SaaS business model ideas, their potential pros and cons, and general information about market potential and competitive landscape. Include references. Output in tabular format.”

Once you have results you are excited about, then the next step is to perform market validation and research. To figure out if it’s truly an opportunity, talk to potential customers and see if they would purchase it, etc.

The ChatGPT output above gave me an idea for a Virtual Event type service, and I settled on an idea for a Virtual Dog Park. I’m going to use this as our example for the purposes of this article.

Now I want to do some more market research and validate the market more. Below is the prompt I used for ChatGPT:

“Provide market validation for a new SaaS business idea. The idea is a Virtual Dog Park SaaS application. Provide some feedback on the pros and cons of this business idea, general information about the market potential and competitive landscape, and any reference URLs.” 

This output is interesting. This gave me some useful information and made me realize that dog owners are the ones that would benefit from this – they can have an opportunity to socialize.  

Get some business name ideas with ChatGPT 

Now that I completed some market research of the potential of my new SaaS startup idea, I’ll now look for a business name. Here is the prompt I used:

“Generate a list of five potential names for a SaaS startup that specializes in virtual dog parks and provides a convenient and safe way for dog owners to socialize their pets online.”  

It gave me some options, but then I asked it for more options. Now I have some pretty cool names to consider. 

Unfortunately, ChatGPT can’t check if the domain names are available for these names, if they are registered or not in my state, or if there are trademarks and such on them. I will still need to do my part in all those things. Before finalizing a name, those are really important things to check. Don’t rely entirely on machine learning. 

I like DigiPawPark! Let’s go with this one!

Get some product name ideas with ChatGPT

Now let’s create some product names for this new business – so that people know what they can buy from it. Here is the prompt we used:

“Generate some product names for our SaaS startup DigiPawPark that specializes in virtual dog parks” 

It provided us with ideas of product names that can be useful in my SaaS product and startup and even gave me some ideas for ones I never would have thought of.  

I like these product names: 

  • Virtual Doggy Playground 
  • Virtual Doggy Meetup 
  • Virtual Doggy Playdate 

Generate Marketing content with ChatGPT 

Now I need some marketing content for my Virtual Doggy Meetup product. Here is the prompt I used:

“Generate some tweet titles about a Virtual Doggy Meetup product. Make the wording fun and witty and something pet owners would like.” 

A few tweaks and I’m ready to go with this content!  

ChatGPT can be used to generate high-quality, engaging content to help startups promote their products or services.  

Other things I could create with ChatGPT in the future could be things like: 

  • Product descriptions 
  • Social media posts 
  • Email content 
  • Blog posts 
  • Video scripts 
  • Podcast scripts 
  • Landing page copy 
  • Ad headlines and descriptions

Even though ChatGPT can create engaging and creative content, you should always proofread, edit and rewrite it to match your tone of voice and brand values.

Get business advice with ChatGPT

To help my startup grow I also need some business advice. Let me find out what I need to do to acquire customers. I asked:

“What are some strategies for acquiring new customers for a SaaS platform The Virtual Dog Park?”

Wow! I have quite a lot to work on. Time to get started.

In Summary 

For me, this is really exciting how ChatGPT can help non-technical SaaS startup founders get insights and ideas for launching startups and get a jump start on the creative process.  

ChatGPT also has an API that can be integrated into SaaS startup platforms, so you can leverage the power of AI in your startup.

We are actively integrating ChatGPT Open AI into many of our customers’ products. If you have questions about ChatGPT or integrating it into your new SaaS startup platform, let us know and we will be happy to brainstorm with you and give you some tips and advice! 

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